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Destination Moon Robots are honestly developed by real trading professionals who came from Forex and with the use of modern technologies. Destination Moon project is going to be continuosly supported for 10+ years, because we trust that cryptocurrencies popularity will be growing and growing in the future. Our support for the project will be continued in any markets conditions because we aim on the long term results.

We offer 70+ automated robots which can either trade themselves or produce signals 24x7x365. Our robots trade automatically on different (but only proven to be reliable) currency pairs and are fully tested to work well on 3 top trading exchanges: Bittrex, Polniex and Binance. You can be sure that our unique development will be interesting to use for your referrals.

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Almost all subscription plans are recurring

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Affiliate Program is available for every registered user

Just 5 active referrals would bring you:
~0.0225 BTC (226 USD) paid monthly!

Every single payment of your referred user will generate you this commission during the whole period of service usage. You refer him once, but receive commissions forever! Potentially it's huge profits from just a single click.

In addition we have implemented automatic 2nd tier affiliate system, which means that if you have referred a user who becomes affiliate himself - he will bring you additionally:

+10% of 2nd-tier referral payments!

No special link is required to bring 2nd-tier affiliates!

You will earn from both robots and telegram signals users. Everywhere you earn 30% of every single payment + potentially +10% from 2nd-tier referrals.. All commissions are precisely calculated inside our own affiliate system where we count every single click you do. You will be able to see your clicks/registrations statistics in "Affiliates" section of the members area.

Payouts are done in Bitcoins after your balance reaches a sum of 0.01 BTC in commission. All payout requests are being processed during 24-48 hours to your provided bitcoin wallet address.

To join affiliate system you need to:
Register as the regular user

You will find banners and other materials inside our members area in "Affiliates" section. If you would have any questions - feel free to ask them by email: [email protected]

We do not tolerate SPAM. Please, do not use only legal methods of referrals attraction.