Introducing Advanced Robots

Category: Robots

For those, who want to configure robots almost completely by themselves we have released Advanced Robots tab. You can find it when adding a robot to account.

There are currently 4 presets with simple strategies for now. Later we will be adding new, more complex presets and strategies. Choose the one that fits your requirements, tune settings and test it.

Strategies and settings description can be found here (you have to be logged in to view this).Read more »

We now support our users in Telegram group

Category: Robots

We would like to inform you that today we’ve opened Destination Moon Customer Support group in Telegram messenger. If you still don’t use this messenger – we recommend to start using it, because almost everyone in crypto is using it and it’s awesome! Among our channel there are thousands of others!

Our group is the place where you can ask any members area or robots-related questions. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible. If you noticed any bug – you can report it there as well. For finding bugs we usually postpone subscriptions for free as a bonus.

Join our Telegram Group for your language inside our members area in section “Help” (at the very bottom of that page) Read more »