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The roll-back after an upward rally to the 6600 went further down and reached its starting point at 6500, hence 6500 appeared supportive and pushed bitcoin price upwards. Despite the roll-down, fluctuations stay in the weekly uptrend pattern, above the Bullish Trend Line. For today, Bullish Trend Line and 6500 should play a support role for the bulls. From the upside – 6600 is the main target, it has to be pierced in the nearest days to consider further uptrend.

Today forecast

Trading Bounds: 6500 – 6600. Breakthrough above 6600 – bullish signal with target on 6800.

Latest news

? Latest trading statistics; Record low volatility of bitcoin futures

The number of short Bitcoin positions on the Bitfinex exchange reached a two-month minimum, having decreased by 33% in the last eight days. The number of long positions increased by 10%, reports CoinDesk.

At the same time, in October, the average weekly volatility of bitcoin futures, according to MarketWatch, reached a historic low of 6.6%. Specialist at the Chicago Options Exchange (CBOE), Kevin Devitt, stressed that previously this figure was about 15.65%.

Add that at the end of October, the average daily volatility of Bitcoin fell to the levels of March 2017 and amounted to only 0.86%.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market is showing moderate growth. Thus, over the past two days, total capitalization has increased from $ 210 billion to $ 220 billion, and daily trading volume – $ 14.2 billion to $ 16.3 billion.

? Tether’s new banking partner may be involved in money laundering in the Odebrecht scheme

Brazilian law enforcement agencies have appealed to the authorities of the Bahamas to assist in the investigation of suspicious transactions of Deltec Bank & Trust, the new partner of the Tether Limited reports the O Globo.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office of the State of São Paulo deals with the case of Paulo Vieira de Souza, the former director of the DERSA road construction company. De Souza is charged with taking bribes from the concern Odebrecht.

It is assumed that the head of DERSA transferred about $ 25 million to the accounts of the Panamanian offshore company Nantes Group, which was serviced by a private Swiss bank Bordier & Cie. According to law enforcement, de Souza was the direct beneficiary of these accounts.

However, investigators are convinced that the Panamanian company was not the last link in money laundering. In February 2017, these funds allegedly migrated to accounts in the Bahamian Deltec Bank & Trust.

At the moment, the Brazilian prosecutor’s office is awaiting an official response from the Bahamas about whether de Souza’s money really lies in Deltec Bank & Trust accounts. It is also reported that countries already have experience in dealing with money laundering.

Earlier, the chairman of the board of Deltec Bank & Trust, Jean Chalopin, confirmed the authenticity of the letter dated November 1 stating that at the end of the business day, October 31, Tether Limited had $ 1,831,322,828 in the bank account.


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