Bitcoin Today (29.11.2018)

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The market has shown the first positive signs after a fall by breaking above the Bearish Trend Line. The next resistance is the $4300 – $4500 zone, overcoming of which will add more points to the bottom-reversal scenario. Otherwise, for now, this upward movement could be valued as a correction of the oversold market. For today: $4000 and Bearish Trend Line are support levels and $4300 – $4500 is a resistance zone.

From the fundamental side SEC Chairman said to CoinDesk today that they still see a problem for ETFs in market manipulation, at the same time, many exchanges declare the integration of manipulation protection systems. Coincidence it or not, the market could react positively on that the problem is described and a solution is proposed.

Today forecast

Trading Bounds: $4000 – $4500. Breakthrough below 4000 will bring back bearish scenario.


? New CCID rating, BTC #13

In the seventh cryptocurrency rating from the CCID analysts (Center for the Development of the Information Technology Industry of China), Bitcoin ranked 13th. Last month, the experts gave the first cryptocurrency the 19th line of the rating.

Since June, the first two places are occupied by EOS and Ethereum. Bitcoin Cash, who survived the hardfork recently, dropped one rank and took the 29th place. Analysts gave Ripple the tenth place, reducing the performance of the coin by three points compared with the previous rating.

By the criterion of “Creativity”, Bitcoin took the first place, in the category “Basic-tech” the leading line went to EOS. The best performance on the “Applicability” criterion this month was demonstrated by Ethereum.

Rating leaders:

1.EOS | 2. Ethereum | 3. BitShares | 4.Steem | 5. Nebulas | 6. GXChain | 7. NEO | 8. Lisk | 9. Ark | 10. Ripple | 11. Stellar | 12. Komodo | 13. Bitcoin



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