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Monday was marked by a growth, the price was picked up from the $ 3250 low and brought upwards, peaking above $ 3500 mark.

Nonetheless, the BTCUSD did not manage to break the December 9 peak, and price retreated to the $ 3400 level, where it is trading right now. The logical question right now, whether this movement signals about the price turnaround or it is just a “dead cat jump”… To prove the first version we will want to see bitcoin holding above $ 3400.Come-back below $ 3400 will return the bearish tendency and $ 3000 – $ 3300support zone to testing.

Today forecast

Trading Bounds: $ 3400 – $ 3500. Breakthrough below $ 3400 will bring back bearish overview.


? Calvin Ayre predicts the collapse of Bitcoin in 2019

The billionaire entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, who made his fortune on gambling businesses, in an interview with the British Express, said that in his opinion, in 2019 the price of bitcoin could fall to zero, “since it has no practical use, it does nothing and its scalability is consciously opposed”.

When asked whether the BTC days are really numbered, Ayre answered affirmatively, adding that “this is fake Bitcoin” – while the real Bitcoin is SV (Bitcoin Cash).

At the same time, the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, which many experts blame in the recent crypto-markets crash,according to Ayre, became only a reason for anxiety amid the fall experienced by the “following the old-fashioned financial trends of the SegWit coin,mistakenly called Bitcoin”. One thing in the actions of opponents from the Bitcoin Cash ABC team, he sees a destabilizing factor for the market. Ayre is convinced that people in vain focus on an indicator such as market capitalization when one should pay attention to the scalability and the actual use of an asset.

Recall that in late November, the Bitcoin Cash SV team abandoned the name Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for the hard-forked cryptocurrency, as, according to Ayre, Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the real Bitcoin.

Earlier this month, the American company United American Corp (United Corp) reported that it had appealed to the District Court of the Southern District of Florida with a demand to compensate for the losses incurred in the amount established by the court and to prohibit the activities of the companies and individuals that led to them: the Chinese mining giant Bitmain ,, and Roger Ver, Kraken, and others involved in the planned takeover of the Bitcoin Cash network as a result of its hard fork.


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