Bitcoin Today (17.12.2018)

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On Saturday price made a new low at $ 3130, Sunday went above the new low, but failed to step over the previous low $ 3250.

Monday has opened in a quiet manner, due to the upcoming New Year holidays there is not much happening in the markets. And it seems that such slowly descending tendency is about to stay for now. Still,it is unknown how the price will react on reaching the $ 3000 level, whether it will jump higher, breakthrough below with rising power, or will remain slowly descending tendency.

Today forecast

Trading Bounds: $ 3000 – $ 3500. Breakthrough below $ 3000 can cause a sell-off to $ 2500.


? Circle CEO: cryptocurrency market will resume growth, but only in the long-term

According to the CEO of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, the cryptocurrency market will resume growth, but only in the long-term.

Now there is no reason for a breakthrough of bitcoin and altcoins, but it can be stated with confidence that in about three years digital currencies will cost more than they do now. Such an opinion was expressed by a businessman on CNBC.

He stressed that now investors are actively selling coins, which was the result of the collapse of their value.Some assets, such as ether and bitcoin, are experiencing the biggest sales.However, cryptocurrencies will not only stay on the market but will also significantly strengthen their positions.

In the future, any financial asset will be represented on the market in a digital format, says Allaire, who is known to the crypto-community as an advocate of regulating relations in the cryptocurrency market.

“I do not think that there will be only one Bitcoin. Most likely, we will see the ‘tokenization of all assets’” -Jeremy Allaire


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