Month: May 2018

We now support our users in Telegram group

Category: Robots

We would like to inform you that today we’ve opened Destination Moon Customer Support group in Telegram messenger. If you still don’t use this messenger – we recommend to start using it, because almost everyone in crypto is using it and it’s awesome! Among our channel there are thousands of others!

Our group is the place where you can ask any members area or robots-related questions. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible. If you noticed any bug – you can report it there as well. For finding bugs we usually postpone subscriptions for free as a bonus.

Join our Telegram Group for your language inside our members area in section “Help” (at the very bottom of that page) Read more »

Bytecoin – Our coin of the day (8.05.2018)

Category: Analytics

The first private untraceable cryptocurrency


Bytecoin is an open-sourced decentralized cryptocurrency with untraceable payments that was started in 2012. Bytecoin is considered one of the oldest blockchain projects and one of the first to focus on privacy for the end-user. The team clearly states in their whitepaper that they don’t consider Bytecoin as a Bitcoin replacement. Instead, they feel that having multiple strong currencies is beneficial to everyone involved.  Until recently, the team behind the coin has kept themselves anonymous. Now, though, they’ve opened up multiple communication channels and removed some layers of anonymity. Read more »

Bitcoin Today (8.05.2018)

Category: Analytics


For the third day in a row BTCUSD going through a selling pressure, the pattern clearly looks like step-by-step sell-off of the currency. After the resent volume peak at 9330.0 level, the coin fell to the 9000.0 level + 100-days ema, with low volumes, not finding a buying support. Breakthrough of the three-days Bearish Trend Line is required to consider a turnaround on the 9000.0 level. A strong support zone 9000.0 – 8800.0 stays below the price. Read more »

Introducing Affiliate Program

Category: News

We’ve just created and launched 30% affiliate program for our users!

This is a great chance for people who has some friends interested in making money with automated trading. You can cover your subscription cost and even make money with it!

We share our own commission profits with you, your friends trading conditions will be 100% same with yours! Read more »